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【蚕茧每日一爆】给茧门书友看日本人对中国人有优越感?[美国媒体]-小说作家蚕茧 网友:“你们中国人不过如此。比起我们日本人的办事效率还差得?

网友:“你们中国人不过如此。比起我们日本人的办事效率还差得远呢。逾期就是逾期,没有借口。我们日本人通常都是很准时的黄朗维 。交付逾期还找理由对客户而言是极大的侮辱。要中国人学会日本人守时的品质还早着呢。”Why do some Japanese think they are superior to Han Chinese?日本人对中国人有优越感?Naoya Yamaguchi, studied at Tokyo University of Foreign Studies(日本)Updated Oct 12I doubt the premise of your question,because a great many Japanese businesses now prefer employing Chinese college graduates to employing Japanese ones.我认为你问题的前提就是错的,因为现在相当多的日本企业更倾向于雇佣中国的大学毕业生而不是日本的。I sometimes talk with a 20-year-old Chinese student. She speaks Chinese苍井濑名 , English, French and Japanese. She is able to do atthe age of 20 what I am barely coming to be able to at 47. And unlike me, sheis not a linguistics major.我时常和一位20岁的中国学生谈话。她会说中,英,法,日四国语言。她年仅20岁就做到了我47岁都还没做到的事。而且和我不同,她甚至都不是语言学专业。Callan Chua, Been Learning how to make itin China for the past 10 years.(新加坡)Updated Nov 11Actually, just today I experienced something like superiority over Chinese from a Japanese.实话实说抗战虎贲 ,我今天才体验了一把日本人是怎么对中国人表现优越感的。A japanese customer of mine received his shipment late due to the Chinese National holidays. In his email to me, which I translated using google translate, it says我的一位日本客户,他的订单由于中国国庆长假的缘故交付迟了。他给我发了封邮件,用谷歌翻译过来是这样的:“You Chinese are only so so. Not efficient at all compared to us Japanese. There is no excuse for being late. We Japanese are always punctual.It is an insult to customers when we give excuse for being late. Chinese have along way to go before they learn what it is to be at our level of existence.”“你们中国人不过如此。比起我们日本人的办事效率还差得远呢。逾期就是逾期,没有借口。我们日本人通常都是很准时的。交付逾期还找理由对客户而言是极大的侮辱。要中国人学会日本人守时的品质还早着呢。”(译注:克制,克制。)Now, firstly I’m not chinese, I’m Singaporean. I just operate from China that’s all. So I explain to him in myreply to him that I’m Singaporean and the delay is due to the Chinese National holidays where everybody is not working for a week.首先,我不是中国人,而是一名新加坡人。我只是在中国经营生意,仅此而已。所以我回复他,我并非是一名中国人,而且他的订单交付延期了只是因为在国庆长假期间中国人不上班。。His reply (which again is tranlated bygoogle)“So sorry for the misunderstanding. It must not be your fault then, Idid not know you are not Chinese. I know Singaporeans are very professional.You would not have delayed the shipment if you do not have to. The chinese are really unbearable. It is so inefficient to have 1 week holiday. Japanese will never allow this to happen, it is a disgrace. Chinese is really only so so. It must be difficult for you to work with such people.”他答复道:“我为我的误解道歉。这不是你的错,我不知道你原来不是中国人。我知道新加坡人是十分敬业的。如果不是情非得已你们新加坡人是不会超期完成任务的。中国人真的令人难以忍受。放一个礼拜这么长的假,中国人处理事情的效率真是太低了。日本人绝对不会容忍这种事情的发生江湖笑简谱 ,这很不礼貌。中国人也不过如此。你同这样一群人共事一定很难受吧。”(译注:克制,克制。)At first my ego was tickled by the fact that by simply mentioning that I’m Singaporean, he thought otherwise. But thenI truly felt insulted by myself for feeling like that. So my reply…起初,我还有点释怀西游后传 ,因为我跟他讲明白了我是个新加坡人,他就不会像那样看待我了徐熙蕾 。但是随后我又觉得我这种想法是在侮辱我自己。所以我回复了如下内容:“Dear Sir新宿天鹅 , there is no excuse for such misunderstandings, it is an insult to me when you continue to practice such racism even in your reply. It makes me feels like a racist if I’m to agree with you on anything you mentioned.这位先生兰天洋 ,您没必要为这种误解开脱,我已经被你回信里那带有种族色彩的陈腔滥调冒犯到了。我要是同意你所说的这些东西那我就是个彻头彻尾的种族主义者。As such, I would proceed to refund allmonies paid by you to your account once the banks starts operating tomorrow. Iwill also proceed to stop the shipment from proceeding tomorrow as it is in our best interest not to deal with each other again.因为这样的缘故,我决定明天银行一开门我就把你所付的所有款项退回到你的账户。明天我也会着手叫停货物的派送进程,因为我们间不再有任何生意往来才是最符合双方利益的。Have a good life. “愿你有个美满的人生。”So am I wrong? Or do some Japanese really does feel superior to the Chinese?所以是我做错了什么吗?还是一些日本人对中国人太自我感觉良好了?Anyway, a disclaimer, I don’t do this toall customers. I just took a look at his order which is less than 500USD and decided that I can afford to teach him a lesson. And now after I read Naoya Yamaguchi answer, I really felt better already. Thank you Naoya.不管怎样,牛牧童我必须申明,我并非对待所有顾客都像这样。我只是看了下他不足500美刀的订单,觉得给他点教训的代价我是承受得起的。在我读了Naoya Yamaguchi的回答后,我现在感觉好多了。谢谢你,Naoya。Yu Frank, studied at Hong Kong University of Science and Technology(香港)Updated Oct 16Because Japan had been the only Asian developed country for decades.因为日本数十年来都是亚洲唯一的发达国家(南韩:???思密达!)。In fact Japanese right-wingers not only discriminate Chinese, but also Koreans, Southeast Asians and Indians.事实上日本右翼歧视的不只是中国人,也包括韩国,还有东南亚和南亚数码暴龙机 。It is similar to white supremacy. In 19th century, white people traveled around the world, finding that they were much more powerful than all other races. In 1970s and 1980s, Japanese traveled around Asia and found out that they were much richer and more powerful than anyother Asian countries.这和白人至上主义很相似。19世纪时,白人周游世界后发现他们比当时的任何种族都要强大。19世纪70到80年代,日本也环顾了整个亚洲,然后发现他们比任何一个亚洲国家都要富裕强大。Michel McGill,杨茗茗 Born, lived and worked in China.Answered Nov 9Because racismand imperialism are the two sides of the same coin. Modern Japan has been aimperialist Japan. Japanese consider themselves not on superior to the Chinese,but also superior than all other races. That’s why they dared to attack the Perl Harbor.因为种族主义和帝国主义是同一个事物的两个方面。现代日本也依旧是个帝国主义国家。日本认为他们不仅比中国人优越,还要优越于其他所有种族。这就是为什么他们偷袭了珍珠港。Nazi German had the same attitude that they killed Jews.这和阿脆对犹太人的态度没有分别。Leonardo WijayaAnswered Oct 11I would doubt that. Some of Japanese Language Kanji are originally not their own. They lentit from Chinese Language. Why would you use a language from a country that youthink are inferior to your own?真的是这样的吗?我很怀疑。日本的片假名来源于中国的汉字而非他们自身。他们借用了中国的语言。连语言都来自于另一个国家,为什么他们会认为自己比另一个国家优越徐荣发 ?